024 - Interview with Bryan Wish: Launching books successfully, How to Network and Finding Your Own Personal Path


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Bryan is the founder of BW Missions, a company that works with mission-driven entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and CEOs including Nir Eyal (Author Hooked & Indistractable), Rick Smith (CEO Axon/ inventor of the TASER), Denise Gosnell (Chief Data Officer at DataStax), Dan Berger (Former CEO of Social Tables, acquired by CVENT), Allen Gannett, and many more to develop and execute digital strategies behind book, product, and business launches.

His clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, TechCrunch, Morning Brew, HBR, and Wired Magazine. Mike and I have known Bryan for a couple of years and he’s one of the best networked people we know and a person that truly cares about helping people carving their pathway.

This week we sat down with Bryan Wish to discuss carving paths and finding a sense of belonging. Bryan talks about his journey through finding the right path for him and paints a picture for listeners to better understand where belonging comes from, and how to focus on the right search. We then discussed how your inner-circle and broader network can be used for long-term benefit. We dive deeper into how to network and select the right people with whom to surround yourself. Lastly, we spoke about book publishing, and the reasons for, and intentions behind writing and publishing a book. This podcast episode deals with the challenges of finding your sense of belonging, keeping the right people around you, and all the thoughts that go into the choice of writing a book. We certainly enjoyed this episode, and hope you do too.


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