Ep. 81: Our Northern Neighbour


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Amish Raj Mulmi joins Hamsini Hariharan on an episode 81 of States of Anarchy to discuss Nepal’s relations with China. If you have questions about international relations or foreign policy, send them to us via email ivmstatesofanarchy@gmail.com, DM us on Twitter @HamsiniH (https://twitter.com/omeriHamsini) or on Instagram @statesofanarchy (https://www.instagram.com/statesofanarchy/). Your question will be featured on the new QnA segment of States of Anarchy which appears every fortnight!

Reading List
1) Nepal’s Strategy for Survival - Leo Rose https://www.amazon.in/Nepal-Strategy-Survival-Leo-Rose/dp/9994655124

2) Battles of the New Republic: A Contemporary History of Nepal - Prashant Jha https://www.amazon.in/Battles-New-Republic-Contemporary-History/dp/9382277994

3) Comprehensive History of Nepal-China Relations to 1955 - Vijay Kumar Manandhar https://www.amazon.in/Comprehensive-History-Nepal-China-Relations-Vols/dp/8187392452

4) The Bullet and the Ballot Box- Aditya Adhikari https://www.amazon.in/Bullet-Ballot-Box-Nepals-Revolution/dp/1781685649

5) Nepal Nexus: An Inside Account of the Maoists, the Durbar and New Delhi - Sudheer Sharma https://www.amazon.in/Nepal-Nexus-Inside-Account-Maoists/dp/0670089303

6) Forget Kathmandu: An Elegy for Democracy - Manjushree Thapa https://www.amazon.in/Forget-Kathmandu-Democracy-Manjushree-Thapa/dp/9382277005

7) कूटनीति र राजनीति - Memoirs of Ramesh Nath Pandey https://thuprai.com/book/kutneeti-ra-rajneeti/

8) आत्मवृतान्त - Memoirs of BP Koirala https://thuprai.com/book/aatmabrittanta/

9) आफ्नै कुरा Memoirs of Girijia Prasad Koirala https://thuprai.com/book/aafnai-kura/

10) Report from Lhasa - Dor Bahadur Bista https://www.amazon.com/Report-Lhasa-Dor-Bahadur-Bista/dp/B00D2L54T6

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