Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 379: Snorted a Quiznos


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All due respect to Slick Rick the Ruler, all disrespect to Dan Crenshaw. The internet said what YG did years ago and that’s Fuck Donald Trump and Parler. We are still reeling from the White Supremacist Terrorist attacks on the Capitol. Republican Congress members seem to believe they shouldn’t have to use the newly installed metal detectors at the Capitol even after the attacks. Potatoes are back on the menu at Taco Bell, a decision celebrated the internet over. Girl Scouts are joining the gig economy. Was cult leader Jim Jones a cooler guy than we think? A new documentary seems to think so. A local dining spot called the police on a guest and now Team SKiM says you should never support that establishment again. So, a big fuck you to Oak and Embers, eat an entire bag of dicks. How would you tell a friend a suggestion they made was a poor one, for you? There was a huge trade in the NBA involving so many teams and personnel that we asked Dan to break it down for us. This led to some Cleveland Sports talk and Dan dropping AFC North truth bombs. Gabe is a lightweight when it comes to drinking, it bothers him, it shouldn’t. We head to Reddit for AITA and that leads to a really great discussion on addiction and empathy for the addicted as well as for those living with someone who will soon not be.

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