Steelers Run Out of Runway


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*Steelers suffer yet another embarrassing, early playoff exit at the hands of a heavy underdog.

  • How, after going down 28-0, and somehow clawing back to within striking distance did they blow it in the end?
  • Did Pouncey’s bad snap and Ben’s ensuing INT render the subsequent collapse inevitable?
  • Why the defensive deference to Baker? Were TJ and Minka in the game?
  • This game was more of the same: The team comes out flat and falls behind before retrenching, but eventually slipping back into the abyss.
  • Is Ben done?
  • Dissecting Mike Tomlin’s decision making and strategy.
  • What are the likely changes in 2021?

*Tomlin Playoff Defense

  • 2020 - 48 points to Mayfield
  • 2017 - 45 Points to Bortles
  • 2016 - 36 Points to Brady
  • 2015 - 23 to 1-armed-Peyton
  • 2014 - 30 to Flacco
  • 2012 - 29 Tebow

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