29. Bizzaroworld On Fire


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In this episode we go over the craziness going on in Bizzaroworld. The Temple Mount is literally on fire and the Iron Dome protection system has been in overdrive stopping rockets. Are you waking up to what is going on in the world, the Biblical implications, and overall worldview. We are literally watching Revelation unfold and other prophecies as well.

There is not any strong leadership in the world at this moment to take on the evil we are seeing. This is a coordinated attack on all fronts not only in Israel but America as well. They took out the lion protecting Israel so they could attack without the lion punching back and devouring them.

Strong leaders keep the world at bay by waving a bigger stick and demanding peace. These people that stole America don’t want peace they want war so they can have their one world government totalitarian dictatorship as described in Agenda 21 and 2030. We need to read these agendas and understand the truths in these documents, they’re covered up with pretty unsuspecting language. They have an agenda, the middle east is the center of this agenda, here are the goals that they had set in place since the mid 1900’s at least and ramped up when DJT45 won in 2016.

  • Brainwash youth in the school system, rewrite history, make math for idiots, take out shop classes, push socialism as good, teach kids government is there to help not harm.
  • Create division and hate between citizens, pump up race, riots, income inequality, religion, and whatever else could be used to divide. Use known Marxist groups to complete objective, BLM/Antifa.
  • DJT45 was their obstacle to completing their goal so he was removed the only way they knew they could without causing civil war in America.
  • Next bombard the masses with fake news and indoctrinate them to take a vaccine in order to be a part of society due to a man-made biological weapon paid for by our government for the last 12 years starting under 44.
  • Next, promise debt relief in exchange for your property and not just your land, everything. In exchange you’ll get put in a concentration camp they call government housing with universal “income”.
  • Do away with anyone who pushes back first using forms of communication, next social manipulation, and finally death.

If you think I’m crazy then do your research and quit living in fairy tale world, we are at war spiritually and physically now. This isn’t dem vs rep, liberal vs conservative, or left vs right; it’s literally GOOD VS EVIL/LIGHT vs DARK. We must awake the masses under the hypnotic spell of pop culture, drugs, atheism, and much much more. It’s time to teach about the armor of YHVH and to do what we were supposed to do all along which is go out unashamed and win souls for Jesus Christ and tell the truth of the Gospel. So wake up people and fight in the light so darkness won’t prevail.

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