Talking Using Art to Build Bridges Across Racial Lines with Monique Davis


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In this conversation Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at the Center for Art and Public Exchange at the Mississippi Museum of Art Monique Davis and I discuss how art can be used to build bridges in our communities as well as be used as a tool to dismantle White Supremacy.

When Whiteness is the yardstick by which all is measured it takes a reckoning to establish a new way of measuring what is good, fair, considered to be success, and beauty. Monique and I talk about looking at art through a new lens, a lens that doesn't immediately center European art.

We also talk about how to engage the local community in events that are designed to bring awareness to the inequities that exist in our world while encouraging conversations that begin to bridge the divides between us.

Mississippi may seem like an unlikely place for this to be happening but listen to Monique and you may decide that it's the perfect place and a great model for conversations in other venues, maybe even one in your city or town.

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