Attempted Femicide: Bertilla


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Show Notes

Perhaps you remember seeing or hearing about the #ChallengeAccepted movement that launched in the Western World in July of 2020. It often took the form of women posting black and white photos of themselves on social media with the hashtag. Some of you may have shared such a post.

For most people, it was simply a women's empowerment movement. #WomenSupporting Women

However, the movement was meant to be so much more. It started during protests in Turkey following the femicide of Pinar Gültekin, a 27-year-old who was found dead on July 21 after being murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Pinar's death marked the 50th femicide to happen in Turkey in 2020 alone.

The idea behind a woman sharing a black and white photo of herself is that she could be next. She could be the next victim of femicide, which means murdering someone because they are a woman. No woman is safe. The black and white photos represent how pictures of murdered victims of gender violence end up in black and white in newspapers.

Femicide is a frightening misogynistic control weapon used against women by their partners and male relatives to keep them in life.

A frightening example is the attempted femicide of a woman known as Bertilla, an alias, in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica.

She barely survived after her boyfriend beat her with an ax. She is using an alias because her perpetrator is still free and she still fears for her life.

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And if you want to learn more about Aaron "Road Kill" Ralston, you can listen to his story here:

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