Talking Systems, Quant & Algo Trading with Mr Prateek Singh, CEO & Founder of Learnapp


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Learn more about trading systems, quant and algo trading from the CEO & Founder of Learnapp, Mr Prateek Singh!

An entrepreneur and a risk-taker by heart, Prateek Singh is the founder and CEO of LearnApp, a pioneering ed-tech platform that provides movie-like video courses on trading, investing and finance.

He started trading from the age of 17. Ever since, he has been active in the markets. Over the years, he has also shared insights from his trading journey and investing journey with thousands of individuals by means of his ventures in the financial education space, namely TradeAcademy, Tradersaint and Market Scientist.

His interest in trading led him to multiple ventures, where he aimed to solve the knowledge gap between authentic stock market education amongst the masses. After four ventures, LearnApp was established in 2018 with four co-founders. Having skipped formal education, Prateek is on his way to revolutionizing the way education, skill development and financial literacy is thought about.

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