Shawn Dym Helps us “Grow” our Knowledge Base in the U.S. Cannabis Market. - Episode 14


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The Cannabis market continues to grow rapidly but while it is fully legal in Canada, the regulatory framework continues to evolve in the United States. As the opportunity in the U.S. is still fairly “green”, there are several factors that come into play when we think about its expansion and whether or not this ultimately could be a US$100 Billion market.
Shawn Dym, Managing Director at York Plains Investment Corp and Executive Chairman of Humble + Fume joins Kenrick to dig a little deeper into how a changing political landscape, as well as banking and drug policy reforms, are impacting the industry. They also discuss the scale of the cannabis distribution business, the types of initiatives and products that help to drive higher margins, and why this could be a completely overlooked segment of the industry.

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