642: One Last Round | Part 3 - The Torn Pages Written by Keith Daniels 📜


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One Last Round | Part 2 - The Torn Pages 📜
😎I’m back mates, returning to my second family, that’s you, my listeners. A HUGE thank you, to everyone that send their emails and well wishes my way in light of the circumstances I’ve been under in regards to my family members health. Your support astounds me, and the your understanding regarding delivery of episodes blew me away, so thank you. 👍
I’ll have some very special thank you’s at the end of this episode. Today I’m returning full force, to One Last Round by Keith Daniels. An experience of a monster, a creature, an entity unknown to a small group of friends collectively, is brought up in conversation at a local bar where they regularly met. As time goes by, each share a story of their encounter with this, monster made of nightmare fuel, that terrorizes their campus…and them.
🙀Today Lily share’s her own encounter…and the oddities that surround her escape from the entity. Join me you legends, for an original, that is sure to have your skin crawling…disclaimer, this episode is not for little ears, and contains explicit content – for those of you though that have bigger ears…enjoy. 💎
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