Aida refugee camp and Noor WEG


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In the Palestinian refugee camp 'Aida' in Bethlehem a group of women with children with a disability came together to support each other. It started as simple as collecting money to be able to buy cheaper nappies in bulk so they would save money. The mother's group grew out into the Noor (which means light in Arabic) Women Empowerment Group (WEG).
In this episode you can learn more about the Palestinian refugee camps in general and Aida camp in Bethlehem in particular. I speak with Rua who runs the Noor Rehabilitation Center, a project by the Noor Women Empowerment Group. They support people with disabilities in different ways, with physical therapy, psychological support and by offering classes for children with learning problems and autism.
As the Center is completely dependent on charity, donations are highly appreciated. They also offer (online) cooking classes that you can sign up for and donate towards!
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