Beautiful Battir part 2


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In part 2 of the virtual podcast tour in Battir, Hassan takes us to the area of the Railway that used to connect Jaffa with Jerusalem. The railway station has been demolished after the creation of the State of Israel. The villagers of Battir, led by Hassan Mustafa, managed with a very creative trick to keep out the Zionist militias and unlike most surrounding villages they were not expelled. In a special agreement the people of Battir kept access to their lands that are now inside Israel. We cross the Green Line, the armistice line of 1948 and walk about a hundred meters on the Israeli side of the railway before going back to Battir. There we pass by the boys school, the old lime kiln, the artisan shop of artist Sultan, the Dar Abu Hassan Guesthouse with Vivien Sansour's Heirloom Seed Library (listen to episode 1 of season 1 !!) and in the Seven Widow's quarter we hear the famous stories about Hassan Mustafa.
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