From Jerusalem to Jaffa trilogy part 1


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This is the first part of three episodes in which I will take you on a virtual guided podcast bus tour from Jerusalem to Jaffa. Just close your eyes, sit back and relax and from the comfort of your chair you can imagine the view! And if you want to see some photos and videos, then go to my Ko-fi page where I post unique material that I don't post anywhere else. Ko-fi is the platform that I use to receive donations. You can support the podcast as easily as with the price of a cup of coffee or a sandwich falafel. And for those super fans, I make sure to have some special content that is not available on other social media.
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In this episode you can learn about the Chords bridge, Deir Yassin village, the battle of Al Qastal, Lifta, the as-Sarar or Sorek valley and the Ayalon valley. It includes history on the Nakba (the disaster) of 1948 in which Palestinians were forcibly displaced for the creation of the State of Israel and it contains two bible stories, of Samson and Delila and Joshua and the Amorites in the Ayalon valley. We end the first part of this tour at the Latrun monastery, named after a Crusader fortress.
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