From Jerusalem to Jaffa trilogy part 2


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In the second part of this virtual bus tour we will learn about Abu Ghosh, also called the 'humus capital' and named after the Abu Ghosh family that originates from the Caucasus. There are two important churches in Abu Ghosh, one connected to the Bible story of the Ark of the Covenant that stayed in Kiriyat Jearim for 20 years. The other one connected to the Bible story of the two people that walked to Emmaus and met Jesus after his crucifixion and resurrection. The town also has the second largest mosque in Palestine.
Then we continue to Lod, the city that had one of the oldest first airports in Palestine, the Lod airport was later named Ben Gurion airport. Lod is famous for the resting place of Saint George, known in Palestine also as Al Khader. An interesting mix of Christian and Muslim traditions. Many Palestinians are named George and Khader.
Lod was the capital of Jund Falastin, one of the provinces under the Muslim dynasties. But it had to give this title to Ramla when it was built by Suleiman ibn AbdelMalik who built a city in the sandy coastal area, where nobody had settled before, hence the name Ramle, meaning 'sand' in Arabic.
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