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Rebecca Binnendyk is a CFO (Chief FUN Officer), voiceover artist, musician, and life coach for individuals and organizations looking to create a work environment that brings fulfillment, loyalty, and makes a difference in the world. Rebecca’s driving mission is to reinvigorate and revitalize adults and businesses alike by adding joy back into their work and lives. In today’s episode, Rebecca shares her journey redefining the word “fun” and becoming the new breed of CFO, Chief FUN Officer. For years, she’s heard stories about people who are quitting their jobs, quitting corporate, and looking for something more, but she’s felt that’s not sustainable. Her passion is to get to the root of the problem with businesses, individuals and the corporate world, so that we can have and find more fun in our lives. As Rebecca shares, we can’t all quit our jobs and become entrepreneurs. Instead, it comes down to creating a healthy culture. Infusing fun back into our lives is serious business! But throughout this journey, Rebecca has struggled with really knowing and understanding who she is. As she’s dug into who she really is, and who she wants to be in the world, she’s discovered that we can be all of the parts at the same time. We all have different things that we love to do, and we all have a bit of a dark side, and that’s ok! As Rebecca shares, it’s part of who we are, and it’s about acceptance. Today, Rebecca loves working with people who are ready to make big change, lead them back to their joy and happiness, and remember that fun is part of the journey. To learn more about Rebecca and her work, visit her website and on Facebook here Instagram @Rebecca_binnendyk and on YouTube here Stories of Inspiring Joy is a production of Seek The Joy Media and created by Sydney Weiss. To learn more and submit your story, visit

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