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True stories of neuroplastic recovery. Interviews with people who have recovered from brain related conditions such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), post concussion syndrome (PCS), chronic and persistent pain, blast injuries and stroke. Personal stories of the lessons learned and the tips & tricks to get you back to full health.

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*This podcast is still in development and is not due for full release until October 2021. Episode one has been pre-released early to align with William (episode one)'s fundraising efforts during July & August for Road Trauma Support Services Victoria (RTSSV). William is a volunteer speaker for the RTSSV and is passionate about their work supporting people in the community affected by road trauma. RTSSV work in conjunction with the TAC, VicRoads and the Victorian Police. They have been operating in Victoria for 25 years and offer free counselling and support to those affected by road trauma while addressing the attitudes and behaviours of road users through education.

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