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Tatz experienced childhood trauma, sexual abuse and assault. She attempted suicide. Tatz went on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. She realized that she had given away her power and needed to make some changes in her life. Tatz went on a healing journey. Today, she's in love with life and she helps others along their journeys of self love. Tatz shares the following powerful nuggets of life wisdom: - step up for yourself - choose to be happy - believe in yourself - channel your anger in a different direction - become strong and resilient - walk in the world to shine the light of love - align with the truth of who you are - we are love - we are never given a challenge that we cannot handle - we are stronger and more resilient that we think we are - reprogram our thoughts through practice - we can be who we choose to be - turn knowledge into wisdom

https://www.tatzholmes.com https://www.facebook.com/TatzHolmes

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