Chapter 68 - Sony and Valve Facing Monopoly Lawsuits, Zombies Ate My Neighbors Coming to Nintendo Switch, Sabec Limited's $10 Calculator on Nintendo Switch, Sony Might Have to Redesign the PS5, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


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The Story Mode crew is together again! Yes, Red has finally returned from his five-week absence that literally turned into a matter of life or death. But now that he's back, he can help us discuss the lawsuits targeted at both Sony and Valve alleging the companies hold monopolies over their respective digital domains.
First, however, we've got game announcements (like the thrilling news that Zombies Ate My Neighbors is coming to Nintendo Switch, as is Calculator, a $10 "game" that does exactly what it says). Next up is the news. This week, we're talking about Sony's admission that the company might have to redesign the PS5 in order to meet demand, how Chris Meledandri--the founder and CEO of animation movie studio Illumination-- will be joining Nintendo as an outside director, and Burger King's new move to draw in kids with a bland AR game.
Finally, we look at Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the 18th anniversary of the game's PC release.
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