Chapter 71 - Nintendo Wins $2.1 Million In Lawsuit Against ROM Site, Twitch's DMCA Problems Resurface, Sega Might Be Reviving Its Theme Park Business In The West, God of War 2 Delayed to 2022, Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers


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When it comes to ROMs, everyone has an opinion -- including Nintendo, who just won $2.1 million against RomUniverse in “a straightforward video game piracy case.” Is this issue as cut-and-dry as it seems? We explore the murky middle ground of this legal and ethical dilemma.
But first, we're covering game announcements (like Dragon Quest XII's reveal and God of War 2's delay). Then it's on to the news. This week, we're talking about Facebook Gaming's crazy bid to take on YouTube, the possible rebirth of Sega's theme park business, and Twitch's latest plague of DMCA strikes.
Finally, we wrap up the show with a look back at Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers on the game's 30th anniversary.
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