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Today’s Storytime podcast is brought to you by Shawline Publishing Group, Australia's best publishing agency for independent authors, first rate literacy and artistic content. Shawline Publishing Group publishes a rich and internationally appealing collection of the best new authors in our country and around the globe. Joining us today is indie author Janelle Barker to talk about her new book ‘Emotives- Volume 2’. All Janelle wants and hopes for is a reaction, connection, and for the reader to relate to her work. Disarming, warm and always accessible, Janelle Barker’s poems make ordinary experiences glow. Everything that suffuses her emotive expression is here: love, compassion, insight, lyrical precision and the clear, simple honesty that reveals how life can turn in a moment. Musing on undercurrents and connections between family, nature, memory, motherhood and the world of circumstantial events that have created our culture and our fears. The poems in this aspiring collection begin on the surface and then delve us, gracefully effortlessly, to a far more thought-provoking place. Grounded in experiences and perceptions, with all human mysteries and consolations, they resonate with a passionate, sensuous honesty that only a new Indie Author can expressly create. So, tune in to today’s Storytime Podcast and hear some of the inside details of Janelle’s poet worthy and aspiring new book! 🎙️🔥⬇️ Purchase the book:

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