How You Can Use Financial Intelligence to Unlock Business Growth w/Henry Daas Ep#118


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Henry Daas is an Entrepreneurial Coach, Personal Finance Coach, and the author of FQ: Financial Intelligence, a 432 page book that explores every aspect of personal finance. He also offers a 20-week course where he teaches everything he knows about how to manage and grow your money, including uncovering the mindset that may be holding you back, creating a life-long financial plan, becoming skilled at managing your assets, and more. On this episode, Henry joins us to discuss how you can improve your own financial intelligence. Here's a breakdown of the conversation: - Why financial intelligence is so important - Avoiding crucial mistakes like double taxation - Looking at your business as an entity with a life of its own - & more Henry's book, FQ: Financial Intelligence: // Learn more about strategic planning & implementation: ► Subscribe so you never miss a video:…ub_confirmation=1 ► Get free workbook to guide you along the process:…mplate-workbook ► Learn how to successfully lead your next strategic planning process:…ng-steps-course // More strategic planning resources: ► Join our free community: ► Are you looking for someone to facilitate your strategic planning process?…ator-consultant ► Want software to track your strategic plan. Get a 90-day free trial of Cascade Strategy: // Connect with us: Blog ► Strategy & Leadership Podcast ► Alignment Book ► Contact us ► Subscribe on YouTube ►…ub_confirmation=1 // ABOUT SME STRATEGY CONSULTING: SME Strategy is a management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations develop and implement their strategic plans. We work with teams to facilitate conversations about strategic direction and business strategy so that our clients can focus their energy on what will move them forward faster. Based out of Vancouver, BC, we've worked with organizations all over North American and beyond in various industries including nonprofits, universities & government organizations. For more information on working with a facilitator for your next strategy session:…ator-consultant

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