Joining Forces with Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, and Kotlin ft. Josh Long


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Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a language as elegant as Spring Boot is as a framework? In this episode of Streaming Audio, Tim Berglund talks with Josh Long, Spring developer advocate at VMware about Kotlin, about the productivity-focused language from our friends at JetBrains, and how it works with Spring Boot to make the experience leaner, cleaner, and easy to use.

Josh shares how the Spring and Kotlin teams have worked hard to make sure that Kotlin and Spring Boot are a first-class experience for all developers trying to get to production faster and safer.

They also talk about the issues that arise when wrapping one set of APIs with another, as often arises in the Spring Framework: when APIs should leak, when they should not, and how not to try to be a better Kafka Streams when the original is working well enough.


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