BONUS - Stripped by SIA: Destigmatizing the Sex Industry (Virtual Guest Lecture at Simon Fraser University)


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Hi folks! Season 2 has officially ended and I will be taking a 1 week break before I debut Season 3 next week! Season 2 was filled with so many political angles, activism from around the world, and revealed the injustices that were happening right here in our community.

I'm so excited to bring Season 3 to you but for now, I'll leave you with a fun bonus episode - my recording of my recent guest lecture in Dr. Tamara O'Doherty's criminology class from two weeks ago! It'll just be me speaking on this episode but I am so inspired by all of her engaged students who brought in so many excellent questions and points to the forefront. It is really encouraging to see a genuine interest in this topic that is the sex industry, which we work on. I hope I was able to provide a clear and competing perspective vs. what is taught to us since birth. I challenged these students to be critical thinkers and to deconstruct the intersecting layers present in sex work and to be future change makers.

Thank you again, Dr. O Doherty, for inviting me to speak to your insightful class! If you haven't already listened to this genius of a woman, please listen to Episode 62 of the podcast. And stay tuned for Season 3...launching next week!


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