#69 - Self-Care, Therapy and Nourishing Your Mental Health w/ Alicia Armstrong of Florida State University and Counselling with Alicia


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It's week 2 of Season 3 and I have been meaning to invite this week's guest onto the show for some time now. As I have guest lectured in a couple of her classes over the last year already, her invitation was long overdue. This week I am bringing on licensed therapist and counsellor, as well as adjunct professor of Human Sexuality and Florida State University, Alicia Armstrong, onto the show! With over ten years of experience working in the field, Alicia brings her seasoned expertise working with clients to this week's episode. She is well-versed in sex education, gender as a construct, victims of gendered abuse, sex work, anxiety and depression, and the list goes on. This episode is structured a little differently as there were a lot of questions that came in (we all need a little therapy in our lives, right?) in regards to disconnecting work from intimacy, constant comparisons, dealing with emotional labour and stigmatization, triggers and gaslighting, trauma and more. Honestly, this episode will probably require a second half at some point in the season to go over some of these topics in even more detail as we barely scratched the surface! Alicia also gives some sound advice on how to self-care, how to cope, and how to take care of your mental wellbeing and provides some excellent resources specific to those who partake in the sex work industry. Listen in!



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