#70 - Battling Against Anti-Fat Bias, Fat Politics and Fatphobia within the Sex Industry w/ Evie Brookes


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We're gearing up for summer here in Vancouver, Canada (okay, not quite) but this week is all about channeling that BIG. GIRL. ENERGY. I invite escort, Evie Brookes, onto the show this week to speak about her experiences sampling all different types of sex work, finding her niche in escorting, talking all about body image, the terms "BBW" and "plus-size" and reclaiming and owning the word "fat". Evie wears a number of different hats in her life including but not limited to: sex worker, actor, digital content creator, personal stylist and much, much more. In addition to this, she also proudly wears the word "fat" on her shoulders and opens up what it's like to navigate the sex industry as someone who is fat. We speak about the the topic thinprivilege, the differences between being a curvaceous BBW and being fat, and distinguishing that not all fat sex workers are disgusting and raunchy sluts. We talk about desirability amongst larger-bodied women in the industry and what is and what isn't considered sensual. Of course, we discuss all of the stigma that is present and wrapped around the topic amongst those who are considered fat. It is a juuuuuuicy episode and I guarantee y'all will be chanting "big-girl-energy, a big-girl-energy" all week after tuning in.


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