#71 - On the Consumption of Sex Work in the Media: Who is it For? w/ Jessie Sage of Peepshow Media


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I am soooo excited to bring to you all this week, Jessie Sage of Peepshow Media! I have this thing of scrolling on Twitter when I wake up in the morning (because, you know, it's the last "safe" platform we have as sex workers) and I remember stumbling upon Jessie's page recently. I creeped all of her links and quickly found out that she is the co-host of The Peepshow Podcast, editor-in-chief of the Peepshow Magazine (which is a killer resource for sex workers) AND she founded Peepshow Media with her also sex working husband, Peej. I was delighted beyond words when she agreed to come on as a guest for my show. Hooray!

Jessie and I got into chatting about a LOT of things: parenting as a sex worker, what role age may play in the type of sex work you do, NiteFlirt, our shared hatred for camming, creating content together with your partner, the gracious support from our community and writing about sex work in open society as an out sex worker. Jessie was able to share with me her recent dog piling of a situation when she was asked to write about sugar daddies for a well-known publication and opens up about how sex work is portrayed in the media. We also take note that there as just as many bad journalists out there reporting on our line of work and although you don't necessarily have to be "in" or participate in sex work to be a great reporter, it's vitally important that you understand and conduct adequate research on it to report responsibly. We speak about the anti-work that journalists of this stature do and how dangerous the repercussions can be. We also widely speak about her media company and the excellent work that she is doing by employing other sex worker writers in contributing to this space.


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