64. The Key To Manifesting True Happiness | Justin McRoberts


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Justin McRoberts is an American author, speaker, retreat leader and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. McRoberts began his career writing and releasing two albums with 5 Minute Walk before the label disbanded in 2001. Since then, He has released eleven studio projects, several EPs, and three books.

Since 1999 Justin McRoberts has been a constant and noteworthy presence on the independent music scene. A songwriter, storyteller, teacher, and an advocate; he is one of those rare artists who blends artistry, honesty, and humor seamlessly. Sharing stories and songs with an audience is where Justin's gifts are most fully realized. His live shows strike a delicate balance between intellect and emotion, between inspiration and a call to action.

Central to Justin's work is advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed through Compassion International. Before working as an author and musician, McRoberts spent four years on staff with Young Life, during which time he wrote songs independently before being signed to 5 Minute Walk Records in 1998. Today, Stephen and Justin discuss Justin’s latest book, It Is What You Make of It.


1. Go to justinmcroberts.com. 2. Buy the Book - It Is What You Make of It – heartsandminds.com. 3. Buy the Book - It Is What You Make of It – amazon.com.


[0:20] – It’s NOT What It Is. [1:25] – Language & Shape to the Process of Life. [2:49] – Time to Reopen Heart to Hope. [6:05] – It Is What You Make of It. [7:54] – Why is This the Message This Moment? [16:09] – Covid – Now What Can You Do? [19:12] – How Do We Shift the Mindset to the People to Let Them Know It’s What We Make of It? [19:12] – “No, Homey, You’re NOT Enough!” [22:05] – Bridge. [35:23] – Lay at Your Feet. [46:46] – Trust God, Bro. [47:50] – Ultimate Outcome.

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