Feeling Frustrated About Your Student Debt? Here’s the High Cost of Student Loan Complexity


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It’s no secret that student loan debt affects people’s lives — and not in a good way. The ever-increasing student loan debt is a major cause of frustration and stress for many college graduates in America. Why is that? Who benefits from student loan complexity? Join me as I discuss why you need to know the complexity behind student loans and who are the biggest beneficiaries.

In today’s episode, you'll find out:

  • Why you need to know the complexity behind student loans
  • How student loan complexity can benefit borrowers
  • Why student loans are as complex as they are
  • When the student loan interest rate is irrelevant
  • How borrowers overestimate the accumulated interest
  • Why student loan interest isn’t the real problem - and what is
  • How knowing the rules can give you control over your student debt
  • The myth that says you can’t control your own future
  • How your student loan balance grows with capitalized interest
  • How forbearance can double your student loan balance every 10 years
  • The one-step plan to making sure your debt doesn’t stress you out anymore
  • Why student loan debt cancellation will never happen
  • How dental service organizations profit off the high cost of education
  • The way banks profit off the system by offering private student loans
  • The role of loan servicers in student loan complexity
  • Why student loans don’t have to be scary or frustrating and what to do about it

Full show notes at: http://studentloanplanner.com/112

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