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Cisco and Falzon Hour Broadcast in Politics Call in to speak with the host: Cisco Acosta, Mark Falzon, and guest (845) 262-0988 Join us tomorrow night May 14th, at 9:00 pm eastern time, with our guest, NATIONWIDE HOMELESSNESS EXPERT: Community advocate and President of New York’s-Central Park South Civic Association, Michael Fischer, to discuss the crisis-level homeless epidemic. The highest number since America’s Great Depression. Winsome Pendergrass, a Brooklyn-based organizer with New York Communities for Change, works to helps tenants stay in their homes. Now she’s facing the same dilemma wrenching millions of Americans whose lives have been upended by the novel coronavirus pandemic. “I’ve been out of work over two weeks,” she says. “I may have a month’s rent—but do I give it to the landlord or do I keep it to buy food?” Topics for discussion: Why the crisis-level homeless epidemic in Democrat cities and states. The reason behind the highest number of Homelessness, since America’s Great Depression, Being Homelessness during Covid-19. Show Writer: Doreen Ann Show Sponsor:

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