Free Film USA on Tour!


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Neil Hamamoto joins Bill for a one-on-one interview to discuss their project, Free Film USA. Neil and his team are traveling throughout the country handing out Kodak Professional Tri-X and asking photographers to submit their images on the topic: Something Red, White, and Blue. Free Film USA is halfway through their tour returning to New York City. Once the project completes, Neil plans to take all of the submitted images for a large collective book.

Their next stops are:

  • 10/16-20: Santa Fe, TX
  • 10/23-27: Austin, TX
  • 10/30-11/3: New Orleans, LA
  • 11/6-10: Birmingham, AL
  • 11/11-13: Asheville, NC
  • 11/15-18: Baltimore, MD
  • 11/20-24: Philadelphia, PA

Follow Neil's team on Instagram and on their website.

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