Barrie J. Roberts On Dispute Resolution and Mediation [EP 50]


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'Subject To Interpretation' is a weekly podcast that deep dives into the topics that matter to interpreters.🎙 Hosted by Maria Ceballos Wallis
This week we speak with Barrie J. Roberts on mediation.
Barrie J. Roberts has worked as the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Administrator for two southern California Superior Courts, working with judges, court staff, attorneys, neutrals and community mediation organizations to provide high-quality alternatives to trial. She is the co-creator, along with Maria Ceballos-Wallis and Marjory Bancroft (Cross-Cultural Communications) of Foundations in Conflict Resolution and ADR for Interpreters, the first online training of its kind to provide ADR training for interpreters. Barrie also created “Mediation as a Second Language” (MSL) courses to combine ADR and ESL for international students at UC Berkeley. Her publications include Conflict Resolution Training for the Classroom: What Every ESL Teacher Needs to Know, University of Michigan Press, E-Book Single (2020). Before ADR, Barrie was a staff attorney with Legal Services of Northern California, Inc.

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