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We are professional butt-kickers. Success Bully is an elite accountability practice dedicated to supporting high performing “Type A”s who are looking to take their great to GREATER. Founded by Keita Williams, this rapidly growing practice develops bespoke 1:1 programs, group coaching programs, online courses and corporate workshops all centered on the powerful tools of goal setting and accountability. We have a coaching methodology (strategic butt-kicking) to help hone focus, create larger impact and achieve measurable results across personal and professional lives. The Success Bully team has facilitated workshops for notable brands like: Amazon, Alley to the Valley, Apptio, DomainTools, Facebook’s, Ladies Get Paid, Microsoft, Meredith Corp., PartnerTap, O’Reilly Media, and WeWork Labs. We believe success is a not just a journey, but a series of habits. On the Success Bully Podcast, Keita Williams (Success Bully Founder and Chief Strategist) breaks down those habits across time management, emotional state, goal setting, failure (#FailedIt) and accountability through relatable anecdotes and lively guests. Produced by Larj Media, new episodes post every Wednesday to help get you over the hump in your week. Be sure to check us out on and keep up with our antics on Instagram & Twitter @successbully.

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