Lea Brovedani - Positive Trust Culture in the Workplace


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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace. This episode of Big Blend Radio's Success Express show features Lea Brovedani "The Trust Architect" who discusses the changes in the workplace, as well as why it is important to find out about a company's trust culture before you apply to work there, or perhaps even continuing to work there. She also talks about how a company can build the necessary trust culture to create a positive and productive work environment. Read her blog post about it here: https://leabrovedani.com/2021/03/finding-a-positive-trust-culture/
Lea Brovedani is the author of “TRUST Me – Restore Belief & Confidence in an Uncertain World” and “TRUSTED – Secret Lessons from an Inspired Leader,” and is a contributing author in four other books, and is a regular guest expert on Big Blend Radio. She was recently awarded the lifetime achievement award as Top Thought Leader in Trust by Trust Across America. More at https://leabrovedani.com/

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