83 | Hopkinton, NH with Ali Feller: Running in the Switzerland of America


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Ali Feller has a special gift of drawing you in with her vivacious storytelling and cheerful, glass half full attitude. Ali is a runner (she broke six minutes in a one mile race at the beginning of the year, hello!) , entrepreneur (specifically THE host of the Ali on the Run Show and race announcer extraordinaire - as in the Boston Marathon, the NYC Marathon and many other races!) and most recently, Ali was given the most distinct honor of presenting a TED talk (how cool is that?). Ali has grown the Ali on the Run Show into one of the most listened to running podcasts in the world, and she's just getting started! Ali is also mom to Annie and Ellie (Ellie is her dog who is very equally part of their family) and wife to Brian.
Together they live in the gorgeous New England town of Hopkinton, NH, where Ali has taken a full circle moment and come back to the adjacent town where she grew up.
New Hampshire is a slice of paradise and Ali shares the best places to RUN, where to grab a great meal (and ice cream!), drinks, where to race, places to stay and all the things in New Hampshire (including an incredible state fair that has us sold on coming to visit). But first, we kick off the first half of the chat, talking all about the footprint that Ali continues to make on the running world (and beyond). Are you guys ready for this?!

We know it is safe to say that this is THE most delightful, engaging and fun conversation that Jerold and I have ever had at 5:30 AM.
Enjoy our conversation!
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