341 - Clean Energy Industry Overview: Where do I Start? with Sarah Wilder, Becca Ward, Joe Tassone, and Eric Pasi


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Welcome to another Tactical Tuesday, which is a short form conversation with subject matter experts designed to give you practical tools, tips and advice for building your solar business, or career.

If you've clicked through on today's episode, an overview on where do I start in the clean energy industry, I suspect that you are thinking about a career change or you're thinking about how your career could or should be growing in the industry, and you are looking for some tips and practical advice.

In fairness, this is a replay from our SunCast Career Summit, which happened back in September 2020, but it is a great overview. Not only myself but some of the guests (in particular, Eric Pasi) have written quite a bit about the answers to the oft-made question: “How do I get into this industry? Where do I start?”

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