345 - The Patagonia of Banking with Ravi Mikkelsen, Co-Founder at Atmos Financial


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This is financial Thursday and we're going to help you put your money where your heart is. There are some secrets out there about how your money is being invested against your better interests.

Today's entrepreneur is my good friend Ravi Mikkelsen, and if you tuned in back in October 1st, 2019, you might remember that we did the episode with Samuel Adeyemo of Aurora Solar organized through ClimateLink, one of the organizations that this multifaceted entrepreneur has put together.

Ravi is someone I've come to respect and admire, and today we're going to dig into his latest brainchild that is gathering traction. Certainly several of you have no doubt heard Jigar Shah and others mentioned it from the stages of Energy Gang and other platforms recently, it’s called Atmos Financial. We're going to learn all about that today and why in the world he would be trying to take on big banks.

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