362 - Free Legal Services from Top Legal Firms, with Stanford's Molly Melius and Jesse Lazarus


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This is Tactical Tuesday, a short-form conversation with subject matter experts designed to give you the practical tools, tips and advice for building your solar business or career.

Today, we're gonna be chatting with the two people who run a program I didn’t even know existed until January, Stanford's Lawyers for Sustainable Economy (LSE) Initiative, managed by Molly Melius, the Director of LS, and Jesse Lazarus, Senior Associate of LS, and a second-year law student.

The Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy Initiative, or the LSE initiative for short, is a law firm-led and Stanford-supported initiative that provides free legal assistance to sustainability focused entrepreneurs and nonprofits. And in particular, the initiative aims to support promising green entrepreneurs and nonprofits who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford legal services.

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