Episode 43: Radical Dreamers


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In this episode, we discuss how OnlyFans is getting way too popular, canadian Anime, Camelot's Radical Dreamers Golf, killing your dad, pissing off fans of your most popular work, and getting a crush on a girl who physically abuses you. Oh, and we talk about Radical Dreamers

Radical Dreamers is a sort of sequel to Chrono Trigger, and was essentially remade and expanded into Chrono Cross. Released in 1996 on the Japan-only Satellaview add-on for the Super Famicom, and translated in 2005 by Demiforce, Radical Dreamers is a text adventure/dungeon crawler/JRPG. Join Kid, Serge, and Magus-I-mean-Magil on their quest to steal a rock. This game was handpicked by our very own nocode as their explorer's choice. Come listen to us talk about this game for longer than it takes to finish it!

Starring: nocode, Tulpa, closed, Bachelor, and VastleCania. Edited by AutomaticTigress

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