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Oprah says that throughout her life certain works of literature and film have completely changed the lens through which she sees the world. One of the films that spoke to her deeply, especially as a child, was The Wizard of Oz. As an adult, she says she realized the message of the film is one of the great spiritual teachings of all time. Like so many of us, Dorothy believed she needed something outside herself… like the great and powerful Oz, to find her way home. Glinda, the good witch, later tells Dorothy she’s had the power all along, but she had to learn it for herself. Oprah says this was one of the greatest aha moments of her life. Today she says no matter how far you have strayed from yourself, there is always the path back. And you don’t have to look any further than your own back yard to find it. You already know who you are and how to fulfill your destiny. In this podcast Oprah sits down with such legendary writers and spiritual teachers as: Debbie Ford, Father Richard Rohr, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sue Monk Kidd, Elizabeth Lesser, Stevie Nicks, Sidney Poitier, Jack Canfield, Mitch Albom, Shawn Achor, Robin Roberts, Jean Houston, Jane Fonda and Gary Zukav. They all share how they found their own path Home to discover their individual purposes, talents and live their greatest truths. No matter how many yellow brick roads they encountered, it was always right there... at home in their hearts. The same is true for all of you. Interviews with these talented writers, speakers and thought leaders are excerpted from her Emmy Award-winning show Super Soul Sunday. You can also find this compilation and other insightful conversations, in Oprah’s best-selling book The Path Made Clear.

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