Mind a bit CRAZY? Feeling fearful? Try this Chair Yoga Sequence


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I got flustered and sloppy. FEAR took over me. And I froze in a bad space of discomfort. I own it. I have so much good stuff going on and I was SOooooo busy with work I couldn’t manage everything… Of course this was the path that would happen, I woke up this morning to crazy! And that stressed me out, big time! Note to self Jes, “Don’t read emails in bed before morning meditation practice!” How do you find discomfort with failure? Stop wasting time so you keep-up the growth mindset and being your best self, empowered in mind and body. Here is a live excerpt from ‘Strong Spirits Mindfulness & Movement Chair Yoga Program for Any Age and Accessibility Level’ workshop lecture for a group of corporate clients with Jes Rosenberg. Ever listen to our podcast? Now might be the time to try. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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