EP 218 - Bras & Breast Health with Sydney Ross Singer


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One of the most dangerous objects to a woman’s health is sitting right in their closet, and they don’t even know it. Sydney Ross Singer, medical anthropologist and author of Dressed to Kill, joins Dr. Taz to warn women of the hazards of bras. When his wife found a lump in her breast, they set out to find out why. He shares about how your bra may be affecting you, and the practical steps you can take to establish optimal breast health in a culture that treats it as a taboo.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • The connection between cancer and bras
  • How bras interfere with the lymphatic system
  • Why there aren’t many studies about bras
  • Living in a culture where breasts are taboo
  • The false equivalency between bras and professionalism
  • Why COVID has been good for women’s breast health
  • How push-up bras actually do the opposite of what they’re intend to do

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