EP 251 - Arab Women Issues: Misconceptions & Outdated Laws with Suzy Kanoo


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Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by Suzy Kanoo, author of the new book “Hear Us Speak: Letters from Arab Women”. Suzy shares her journey as an advocate and voice for Arab women, and all she’s learned from listening to and sharing their stories. From common misconceptions about the Arab world to the shared trauma many Arab women endure, Suzy and Dr. Taz discuss the many issues facing those women today, and how you can help be an advocate.

Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • The struggles Arab women are facing today
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse and shame
  • How trauma and pain gets passed down generationally
  • How Generation Z is making a change
  • Progression being made in the Arab world

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