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How did the pandemic impact how we connect with others? What are the three things we must keep in mind to have genuine connections? What is the difference between traditional social media and Leap? How is Leap working to create a more connected world?

Caroline Ingeborn, ​co-founder and CEO of Leap, is building a way for people to come together and connect — in real-time and with real heart and soul. Prior to Leap, she was an entrepreneur and has acted as CEO and COO at another company. Caroline and David discuss why we feel less connected to others, how we can feel more connected, and the solution that Leap is offering.

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00:08:16 Introducing our guest, Caroline Ingeborn
00:08:37 What is Caroline doing with Leap Chats?
00:13:19 The different levels of how human connection is created
00:18:53 The serendipity of Leap Chats
00:21:24 Caroline’s background
00:23:11 Age and connection
00:30:48 How the pandemic amplified social isolation
00:35:11 Human connection & our biases
00:41:44 How Leap Leaders are chosen
00:44:20 How to join Leap
00:15:36 Where does Caroline see Leap in 5 years?

“I think that we need a place where we can start to be truly seen, heard, and recognized by ourselves but I think more importantly by each other and I see Leap as a way to make this happen.”

“As humans, we have much more in common than not.”

“I never saw age as a reason not to be friends.”

“The pandemic amplified our social isolation. Sometimes things need to get a lot darker before they can be lighter. We were trending in this direction even without the pandemic. Maybe the pandemic has pushed us into a darker place faster but through that we can start to come together faster.”

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