3 Strategies To Master Self Confidence And Influence People - Owen Fitzpatrick


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Knowing how to impact and influence others is becoming more and more vital these days. And of course, with that comes the inevitable confidence that many of us lack. Luckily, our guest today, psychologist Owen Fitzpatrick knows everything about impact and influence. On this live call, Jason Marc Campbell and Owen Fitzpatrick teach us how to think differently and influence others. Get ready to become an influencer after this episode.

Owen Fitzpatrick is a Globetrotting Psychologist, International Bestselling author, and one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the area of Leadership and Influence. He is the founder and CEO of Owen Fitzpatrick International and Owen Fitzpatrick LLC. He is the author of several best-selling books, including 'The Charismatic Edge' and 'Not Enough Hours' and co-author of 'Conversations with Richard Bandler,’ 'The Ultimate Introduction to NLP' as well as 'How to Take Charge of Your Life.’ Owen is the host of 'Changing Minds with Owen Fitzpatrick' podcast, which is about thinking for a change.

Listen out for:

- Owen’s definition of influence.

- The difference between competitive vs. cooperative negotiation.

- The importance of knowing how to influence others.

- The blocks that stop people from communicating well.

- Influence vs. manipulation.

- 2 reasons why confidence is very powerful.

- Tips on becoming more confident.


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