How To Make A Bold and Successful Career Transition - Melissa Llarena


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The biggest reason most of us are not happy with our careers and lifestyle is that we are busy creating a version of success that is not ours. When you put what you want in life as your top priority, you’ll do anything to get there. The decision has to be made in your mind that you deserve what you want, and you’ll do what it takes to bring your dreams into reality. On this live call, Jason Marc Campbell and Melissa Llarena share key ideas on making a bold career transition. Are you ready to change your life?

Melissa Llarena is the CEO and founder of Career Outcomes Matter, where she teaches middle managers up to aspiring c-suite executives on how to dissect and deliver the perfect job interview. Melissa has coached several professionals worldwide on how to effectively and confidently sell themselves during a job interview and helped millions through articles in Forbes, Money Magazine, Huffington Post, Financial Times, CNBC, and Fox Business. She has her podcast, An interview with Melissa Llarena, which she has launched with the early support of Garyvee and James Altucher.

Listen out for:

- How employment has changed after the pandemic.

- Melissa’s definition of bold.

- Making bold career transitions in your current job.

- Steps you need to take to nurture a new skill.

- Sellable Strengths Method.


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