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You heard it here first: Veterinary sources claim that omicron produces canines of unusual size.

This is Tucker. He is 5 months old, 70 pounds, and sometimes gains five pounds in a week.

In a related story, a new Pfizer double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study of 4301 patients proves that covid viruses teleport between asymptomatic people. The authors’ press release reported, “Our work finally explains the scientific mystery of asymptomatic transmission.”

Fluvoxamine, an antidepressant related to Prozac, has been found “safe and effective” for the covid virus.

People believe anything these days. Although these stories are all absurd, the third is factual. The deceptions we are seeing are perpetrated by sociopaths, lying politicians, censoring tech companies, and mobster pharmaceutical companies. Your health is at risk if you believe any of it. Remember the recent British Medical Journal editorial, “Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?” The same holds for the “news.”

Omicron is mild and everywhere and will soon be the end of this phase of the scare. Although there are reports of people who contracted omicron more than once, it seems to provide immunity against the other variants. According to Dr. Paul Alexander (see his fantastic substack blog for more Covid information than most people can stand) there is good evidence that omicron is a manufactured virus like the first one. Someone either didn’t get the memo to make it lethal or a rogue scientist is trying to end the pandemic. It’s all good.

Psychologists have given us ways to think about this worldwide disaster. They call it “mass formation.” It includes:

1) People are frightened half to death, locked down (isolated), depersonalized, and get lonely. At least a third of the population then becomes hypnotized by propaganda.

2) The best educated are the most affected--the vast majority of doctors, for example, believe the crazy stories, while practical blue-collar people don’t.

3) Leaders focus the attention of the group on some supposed solution and assume progressively more control.

4) The narrative becomes progressively more absurd and people get aggressive.

Nazi Germany, the French Revolution, and Solzhenitsyn’s Stalinist Russia have worrisome parallels.

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