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My hero Matt Briggs wrote a book entitled, “Everything You Believe is Wrong.” This should be tattooed on our wrists.

THE “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement claims that white policemen are murdering Black Americans wholesale. It seems plausible because we see confirmatory media reports daily.

Black Americans do commit more violent crimes than other groups, and their share of US murders was a record 56% in 2020. The police have to deal with this, but the numbers do not bear out “murder by police:”
Police are now continuously monitored by video cameras worn on their bodies, and additional video surveillance is everywhere. Incidents of any kind are analyzed, and footage from these sources gets frequently released. If you watch YouTube’s Active Self Protection, you will see how difficult police work is. You will also learn about violent crime and how to prevent it. Be careful—this channel is addictive.

Like so many of the lies we deal with now, the Black Lives Matter baloney was hyped up by groups who are trying to foment internal dissent to destroy our country.
YOU MAY HAVE learned by now that Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars was an advertisement for a new Pfizer hair loss product. Smith’s wife, like so many black women, killed her hair follicles with heavy hair extensions. This “traction alopecia,” permanently destroys hair follicles. Beauty parlor treatments including chemicals and excess heat cause scarring and hair destruction as well. No drug can treat it.

INDIA’S SUPREME COURT sees the lies. They ruled that pushing vaccinations was unconstitutional.

THE TRIPLE VAXED HAVE THE HIGHEST DEATH RATE. See Canada data HERE. The New Zealand experience is HERE and Scotland’s is HERE. With four jabs, Israel became the country with the highest Covid caseload per capita. Consensus is developing that the vax is far worse than Covid.

See RobertYoho.substack.com for the complete essay.

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