Astrology - "Dancing into New Dimensions of Reality" - Full Moon, April 16, 2022, to New Moon, April 30, 2022


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The accompanying YouTube video with astrology charts and written notes:
This astrology video seeks to discover subtle spiritual energies present during this waning phase of the lunar cycle - April 16, 2022 to April 30, 2022.
Topics include:
- move to the music and let the music move you
- yang and yin, oscillations of wholeness
- waning hemicycle
- Pluto moving from direct to retrograde, a retracing of steps to confirm new directions... cultivate
- cultural reorientation to new intuitive guidance, and intuitive capacities
- new individualized and enduring values
- new approaches
- Jupiter Neptune conjunction
- informed social mind
- perceiving abundance
- emotional mastery and mastery of dedication
- learning from and responding to nature
- dancing with nature
- seeds of new growth
- bowl shape
- centralize and identify with impermanence
- differentiate and archetypalize at the same time
- erupting and collapsing at 'the speed of thought'
- notice, listen, let go

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