Astrology - "Disciplined Reactions to Accelerating Changes Illuminate Natural Resilience" - new moon, March 2, 2022 to full moon, March 18, 2022


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This astrology video seeks to discover subtle spiritual energies present during this waxing phase of the lunar cycle - March 2, 2022 to March 18, 2022.
Topics include:
- personal will or spiritual will?
- harbingers of valor
- certifications of worth
- nourishment and nourishing breath
- clarify and recommit to nourishment
- grounding techniques - I.e. yoga, kundalini yoga - poke, provoke, transcend
- root knowledge
- unsophistication
- socialization of desire
- mental restructuring
- protective shielding
- departure from old ways of being
- overlapping layers
- knowledge vs. wisdom
- resilience

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