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Cranial Sacral massage, while I was in the ICU, helped wake me up from the coma, but I had PTSD that was not diagnosed for 15 years, becoming Complex PTSD, which gets exacerbated by TBI.
This podcast is a shallow deep dive into my story, only sharing what's relevant to another person's recovery. Here are a few links with more information to provide direction for survivors and their families to discover healing modalities that are outside of the western medicine domain.
At the end, I also briefly discuss that modern scientific astrology has been immensely helpful for me in finding my center after years of disorientation.
Just in summary:

1) Cranial sacral massage -

2) Brainwave biofeedback

- Neuroptimal –

- Types of biofeedback programs

3) Yoga and kundalini yoga

- Kundalini Kriyas –

4) Interactive metronome

- What is Interactive Metronome –

5) EFT (Brad Yates YouTube videos)

- Brad Yates interview is #2 on


6) Diet & Nutrition

- There are many options for diet and nutrition. In addition to organic foods, what has worked for me is a low inflammation diet, which you can read about in a book by Kathy Abascal called, “The Abascal Way”. –

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